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About Dada

Dada Jamie is an accomplished  writer, adventurer and lover of all things Disney. He loves getting the opportunity to share his life with Ander, Paul and now the world.    When he's not planning for their next Disney Parks vacay, Jamie balances working on his latest article or blog and loves spending time with the family exploring new adventures outside or curling up with Ander and a few good books.

Jamie TP.

Blogger, Jounalist,


About Daddy

Paul TP.

Speaker, Designer, Business Consultant

Daddy Paul is an entrepreneur, storyteller and overall marketing and branding whiz. From Real Estate & Interior Design to Marketing & Brand Consulting, Paul has achieved success with multiple businesses on behalf of his family. Determined to make a positive impact for Ander's future, Paul also uses his gifts as a storyteller by shedding light on mental health awareness and minority advocacy issues. 

About Baby

Ander is expressive, joyful and hilarious (everyone thinks so!). At nearly 3 years old, he is already taking after Dada, loving all things
Disney and happiest when he is outside in the sun. But when it comes to home decor or getting his way, he is Daddy to a tee. A natural in front of the camera, Ander is always ready for his next close up.