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Daddy Paul's @GayswithKids feature: Fathers Day Edition

Interview between @paultrudelpayne and @gayswithkids

Tell us about who you admire and look up to as a father figure and why?

Paul: "First, I have to say my husband, my father and father-in-law, and my two older brothers are all amazing dads. But when forced to choose one person I admire or look up to as a father figure, it has to be Apá, my grandpa. He was born in Mexico, worked the fields tirelessly in Texas, where he met my grandma. They married and had 11 children, while living in a tiny farm shack, maybe 12x15' ... Knowing the journey my Grandpa had to endure just so I could be born, is beyond inspiring and the reason I look up to him, still to this day."

What qualities does that father figure have that you would like to emulate? Paul: "All of them. But I'll try to keep in short and just speak to a few. My Grandpa had a quiet confidence that I have always respected and admired. Constantly smiling, the epitome of welcoming and always respectful, even in the face of prejudice and racism. But what has stuck with me more than anything else about my grandpa, is his kindness. Kind will always be the one word that truly encapsulates him as a man, a father and a person."

What have you learned from them? Paul: "He taught me that people can be good, and that being good is a choice I make every day, in every situation. He taught me that even when others hurt you, or make you feel small, the strongest thing you can do is to continue to show compassion and continue to be good even when confronted with negativity. He taught me that our past never has to define our future and that true success in life does not come from money or things. It comes from the memories we make that warm our hearts and bring a smile to our face,

the beautiful tales we can share with those we love most and the impact we have on others, that will always live on like a beautiful melody of a treasured song."

How do you honor them on Father's Day?

Paul: "Honestly I try my best to honor him every day, to remember I can keep going and do what I dream because he made it possible for me. But now that I am a father myself there is one special thing we do on Father's Day to remember him by. We go through a photo album of my childhood. I love sharing with my son that I too was a little boy, and this man who survived and thrived so much in his lifetime, is who I have always looked up to, and that I hope to be that man for him." #fathersday #grandpa #gaydads #gayswithkids #designerdaddypaul #mycasamylife