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Excited Little Boy

Guess who was named one of the Top LGBT Blogs or Websites to Follow in 2019? I’ll give you hint... It’s us!!! Sorry I guess I could‘t control my excitement, oops. Well why don’t you just get excited with us :) Check out the full list for 2019’s must follow gay bog or website here.

And don’t forget that sharing is most definitely caring when it comes to letting friends and family know about The Dada Diary. Feel free to share with Friends, family, co-workers, neighbors, the mailman, your hairstylists... I think you get the idea;)

We also want to thank you for the continued support In helping us grow. We love getting to share our experiences with so many of you and always aim to make sure we are covering Topics that are important to you. So let us know whats on your mind!

Creative Idea

Share your topic ideas, personal parenting stories, parenting questions, survival advice, product recommendations, hacks and whatever other parenting related story you think we and everyone else should know about. This is bound to be loads of fun and we can't wait to see where we grow, thank to you!

Email all your fun topics, ideas and questions directly to us, at info@thedadadiary.com

We can’t wait to hear from you!

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